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Examples of Results in DWI/DUI & Other Serious Traffic Cases


Here are some examples of actual results in cases in which Keith Krissoff was defense counsel. Many similar outcomes have been attained in over 35 years of representing clients in the areas of DUI/DWI defense and traffic defense.  Contact Keith Krissoff, LLC for DUI/DWI defense.


  • Anne Arundel County District Court: DUI/DWI case dismissed despite Blood Alcohol Content level (BAC) over the legal limit. Successfully argued client was denied constitutional right to speedy trial under 6th Amendment after multiple delays of trial date by the State.

  • Anne Arundel County District Court: DUI/DWI case for 2nd offender. Client found not guilty at trial of all charges. High BAC reading excluded from evidence after successfully arguing that police lacked probable cause to arrest client following the standard field sobriety tests (FSTs).

  • Howard County District Court: Alleged 2nd offender found not guilty of all DUI/DWI charges. Client crashed his vehicle. Police and paramedics arrived at scene claiming to observe Defendant with poor coordination and strong odor of alcohol. Client was taken to hospital. Cross-examination of paramedic leads to conclusion that condition and symptoms of client were consistent with diabetic shock. We successfully argued that the court should not draw an inference of intoxication or impaired driving under the circumstances.

  • Prince George’s County District Court: Client was stopped at a validly set up sobriety check point. Police detected an order of alcohol while Defendant was in his vehicle at the checkpoint, but made no other observations consistent with intoxication or impaired driving at that time. We successfully argued that police did not have legal basis to conduct further
    field sobriety testing and Defendant’s high BAC test result was suppressed/not allowed into evidence. Client acquitted of all charges including DUI/DWI.

  • Anne Arundel County District Court: 2nd offender with high BAC reading charged with DUI/DWI after being stopped for weaving. After discussions and negotiations with the State’s Attorney about the legality of the stop in light of the Maryland case law, all DUI/DWI charges were dismissed before trial.

  • Queen Anne’s County District Court: 2nd offender client was validly stopped for excess speed and arrested after police claimed poor performance on field sobriety tests. No BAC test. Officer’s conclusions were challenged on cross-examination. Defense calls credible witness who was with client shortly before the stop who testified Defendant did not appear to have any failure of normal coordination. We successfully argued reasonable doubt and Defendant was found not guilty of DUI/DWI charges.

  • Anne Arundel County District Court: Following a valid stop by police of client, field sobriety tests were administered and there was a .07 BAC level after testing. Cross-examination of officer demonstrates client performed adequately on the field sobriety tests. Since a .07 BAC reading was not considered a per se violation, we successfully argued that Defendant’s demeanor and coordination were normal and therefore offset any inference that could be drawn from the BAC test. Result – Judge found reasonable doubt and client found not guilty of all alcohol charges.

  • Anne Arundel County District Court: Client charged with offenses of driving while revoked and driving while suspended. Prior to the case actually being called for trial, we were able to determine that the arresting officer was not in a position to properly testify about the legal basis for the stop. After pointing this crucial flaw out to the State, all charges were dropped.


*No two cases are identical.  Each individual matter is thoroughly broken down, studied and analyzed to look for all potential/arguable defenses and to determine the approach most likely to produce the best outcome for each client.  It's what we do.


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